Industrial, Manufacturing, Business Services, Renewable & Energy Transition Sectors

By focusing on sectors where we have decades of investing experience and extensive relationships, we're able to add significant value to our portfolio companies. Through our involvement at the board level, we provide advice and guidance to help businesses achieve their full potential.

$20-$100 Million

We primarily target control equity investments, where we end up owning a majority of the company. However we do also look for management to have a meaningful stake in the business - it's important to us to have an alignment of interests with the leaders of the business. Our typical platform investment ranges from $20-$100 million.

Investing in the Middle Market

We invest in middle market companies. For us that's typically a business with revenues ranging from $50-$300 million, and EBITDA of $5-$30 million. We'll often undertake a buy-and-build strategy where appropriate, and will look to smaller sized businesses as add-on acquisition targets.

This is our top criteria

First and foremost, we're investing in people. We know that every business is unique and has its own culture. Our job is to help to grow the business while embracing the culture that is inherent in the organization.